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Lodgit Desk Hotel Software

Hotel management software - manage accommodations more easily

Easier Management Of Accommodation Facilities

Lodgit Desk is a hotel reservation system for Windows and Mac OS X that allows you to easily and affordably manage your accommodation facilities. A one year licence is available from € 210!

Integrate occupancy plan & occupancy calendar into the website

Receive Online Bookings

Easily integrate the Lodgit Internet Booking Engine into your company's website and receive commission-free bookings. And with connections to airbnb, homeaway and other holiday channels more foreign guests will find you.

Integrate occupancy plan & occupancy calendar into the website

Booking Calendar For Your Website

Let your future guests search for available rooms right on your website. You can either display a schedule including all your units or create a booking calendar for every single room.

Receive bookings from, HRS and others via Channel Manager API

Connect To Channel Managers

Bookings coming from channels such as, HRS and others can be synchronized bidirectionally into Lodgit Desk using our channel manager connection module.

Hotel software & PMS with innovative booking calendar

Lodgit Desk is a hotel software for Windows and Mac OS X. This reservation system gives you the opportunity to manage accommodations in hotels, motels, guesthouses, apartments, vacation homes, bed and breakfast etc. easily and cost-effectively.

Reservations within the Lodgit Desk management software can be directly inserted into the booking calendar- almost just like in a classic reservation book. Aside from booking reservations for accommodations, you can manage your guest profileswrite out invoices and set up different pricing plans for the upcoming seasons.

Smaller and average-sized lodging establishments are fond of this reservation system’s user-friendliness and cheap licenses.

Larger hotels, youth hostels, apartment houses as well as leasing agencies, on the other hand, appreciate the fact that the Lodgit Desk management software allows them to manage a very large number of facilities within a flatrate license.

More Details

Advantages Of Lodgit Desk Hotel Software

  • graphical reservation schedule (incl. room overview, searching for vacancies, selecting categories, various statistics, booking list, displaying checked in guests),
  • convenient guest management (defining and managing groups, guest history etc.),
  • easy billing & accounting (also for group bookings, compound entries),
  • flexible price administration (seasonal prices, room rates depend on number of persons and rental duration),
  • add packages for specials and arrangements with ease, offer fixed rates, ...
Discover More

Extend Your Lodgit Installation! 

Multi user mode with SQL database server

  • use multiple computers to work with Lodgit Desk

Online modules

  • integrate a booking system and/or booking calendar into your website and have it synchronized with Lodgit Desk

Connect to a channel manager

  • send your vacancies to and receive bookings from online channels such as, HRS, trivago and more!

Connect Lodgit to cash systems and points of sale
Operate electronic key systems using Lodgit Desk
Connect to reputation management systems

Reservation software for the receptions of:

  • Hotels
  • Guest houses
  • Boardinghouses
  • Inns & Harbourages
  • Cottages
  • Bed & Breakfast (BnB)
  • Holiday resorts
  • Holiday apartments
  • Apartments
  • Apartels
  • Hostels & Youth hostels
  • Boutique-Hotels
  • Room lettings
  • Camping sites
  • Marinas
  • Other lettings